Updated: December 21, 2012 (we survived)
Arizona Concert Audio

In 1986, Racer X played in Arizona and we were fortunate enough to acquire the audio from the show. The sound guy from the show, Joe Crippen has cleaned up the audio and it's been converted to MP3 for you to enjoy. Please visit his You Tube channel to hear all of this stuff that he recorded back in the day!

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Arizona Story

In 1986, Racer X hit the road to play some shows in Phoenix. The story of Arizona is told in the Universal version of Superheroes. As told by Paul Gilbert, it's such a great "early rockers" story, it deserves permanent placement on the Racer X website.

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Racer X Wallpaper

Here's some cool Racer X wallpaper for your desktop. Your mileage may vary. All files are zipped, using WinZip.

600 wide 600 wide 600 wide 600 wide
900 wide 768 wide 768 wide 768 wide
    1024 wide 1024 wide

The Scream

After the departure of Paul and Jeff from Racer X, Scott Travis, Bruce Bouillet and John Alderete recruited Chris Arvin and Oni Logan to continue on as Racer X. This was short-lived, but from the ashes of Racer X "II", came The Scream. Bruce and John added Walt Woodward (drums) and John Corabi (vocals), and in 1991 The Scream - Let It Scream was released.

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Evil Joe

Everyone wants to know....What's the origin of Evil Joe? Where did the call come from?

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Detroit Rock City
Everyone knows that during the Extreme Volume recordings, that Racer X played a smoking version of Detroit Rock City. But what a lot of people don't know is, that Racer X played a smokin' version of Detroit Rock City with their teeth! Yes, Paul and Bruce played the classic double lead solo with their teeth. You can click on the thumbnail below to see a larger version.

Cold Gin

Once again, everyone knows that Racer X played Detroit Rock City during the Extreme Volume concert recordings. But what most people don't know is, Racer X played Cold Gin on the other night and it didn't make the album. Thanks to TheSurgeon for converting this to mp3.

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Surgical Steel

During the mid 80's, in the hottest state there was the hottest local band named Surgical Steel. It was Jeff Martin's first band fronting as a lead singer. The band was immortalized in the 1985 cult classic, Thunder Alley.

Read about it here.

Black Sheep

Before going to the GIT, Paul played in Black Sheep with Kurt James (Steeler).

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Racer X Practice Session

In order to pull off those amazing double leads on stage, it took hours and hours of practice.

Read about it here.

Racer X Flash Intros

Way back in 2001, when the Earth was still cooling, I created the first Racer X website for the band. The first two versions of the site, included Flash Intros. So, I've decided to bring them back for historical purposes and because they're downright SUPER COOL!

The first Flash Intro was created in 2001 by a guy I met online racing NASCAR. Darron Turner created this intro. You'll notice the misspelling of "Superheroes" at the end. Unfortunately, I lost track to Darron and he was never able to fix it.

Evil Joe Intro

The second flash intro came to pass in early 2002. Snowball Of Doom was out, and Superheroes was no longer the latest release, so the Evil Joe intro didn't make sense. A guy named Paul Shortall had sent me some Superheroes artwork that he had drawn, and I thought they were so cool. They are also seen in the Avatar section Official on the board, for the band to use. So I asked him if he would draw some specific stuff for a new flash intro. I mapped out all the scenes and how it would be played. Chad Dyer said he would handle the flash. So Paul delivered all the artwork that I requested and Chad put it all together for me. Chad added one element that still cracks me up to this day...Scott as Cowboy Axe on the Cowboy Field. (Scott is a huge Cowboy fan)

Superheroes Intro

I hope you enjoy this little trip, into the Mr. Peabody Wayback machine for RacerXband.com.


Juan Alderete Signature Series Bass
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