Racer X Practice Session

Those crazy licks screaming through the Country Club didn't just happen. They took hours and hours of practice in order to come off flawlessly on stage. Many days, it was grueling sessions with just Paul and Bruce going over the leads...and doing them over and over again.

Later in the day, Scott, John and Jeff would arrive to practice as a band. Thanks to Bruce and Stringskipper, we have 6 songs recorded with a standard tape deck.

The sound isn't great, but you'll hear some of your familiar songs. But 1 track is a hidden gem. It's an early recording of "Endless" with different music and lyrics....but you'll have no trouble identifying it.

You know the drill. Right-Click, Save As:
Track 1 - Street Lethal
Track 2 - Dangerous Love
Track 3 - Get Away
Track 4 - Blowin' Up The Radio
Track 5 - Rock It
Track 6 - "Endless"